Worm tea, anyone?

The Wormingtons are due for another bedding change. I’ve been thinking of ways to use the castings – last time I just put them around the plants and had some great results: however, because I just clumped it on the surface it did seal off and cause a few issues with water infiltration. I’ve decided to have a go at making worm tea this time. Continue reading “Worm tea, anyone?”

Reusing those take away coffee cups [recycling]

Confession time: I’m a coffee snob. Coffee snob through and through – I have a preferred coffee bean supplier and can’t drink instant coffee. The majority of times I have coffee I either make it at home or work (mugs) or use my keep cup if I’m out and about. That being said, I do slip up sometimes and end up with a take away coffee cup. I’ve started collecting my cups and reusing them in the garden! Continue reading “Reusing those take away coffee cups [recycling]”

Soo.. I now have 45 gerberas.

After a long work week, I was initially planning to have a weekend doing a whole lot of nothing. But, I may have also ordered more gerberas a couple of days ago (does anyone have a number for Gerberas Anonymous? I think I have a problem…) so I needed to prep my front garden for my incoming flowers. I was also feeling weirdly energetic this morning so I’ve been quite productive! Continue reading “Soo.. I now have 45 gerberas.”