Busy Sunday!

Today was very productive! Not only did I build 4 shelves by myself, but I organised the garage, fixed the front garden and saved seeds! My growing gerbera collection contained within this post 😁 Continue reading “Busy Sunday!”


Veggie garden update and busy ladybirds

While I was out at the veggie garden this morning doing some day to day maintenance, I was confronted by a bit of a moral dilemma that only a gardener will come across. [Very] mild adult (beetle?) themes within this post but mostly funnies and pictures of plants! Continue reading “Veggie garden update and busy ladybirds”

Moments in the garden

This is a short one, just to share. When life gets a bit crazy, my flowers at the unit and my veggie garden are good places to think. A place to reflect and to be calm. Weeding the garden can be synonymous with dealing with my problems. Planting seeds/seedlings for the future and then harvesting the fruits of my labour. This afternoon I harvested tomatoes, beetroot and carrots – I forgot how good the smell of fresh carrots can be! I haven’t grown carrots since I was a kid.

One of my carrots looks like a little dude 😁

I got home and watered my Gerbera collection – I’ve been slowly adding colours. I love gerberas, they’re beautiful, colourful, and they’re all coming with me when I move. They’re tough as nails so I know they’ll survive! I’ve also got three coffee trees that I’m growing in pots so I can take them with me. I hope to one day grow and roast my own coffee but I think they’re a while off producing beans 😊

Edible flower ice cubes [just a lil’ bit fancy]

I had to give the nasturtiums in the veggie garden a bit of a hair cut the other day and ended up with a handful of flowers with no where to go! I’m new to this edible flower thing so, not quite ready to start adding them to my food.. But! I did see this very cute way of using them – freezing them in ice cubes!  Continue reading “Edible flower ice cubes [just a lil’ bit fancy]”

Neighbours in the garden & fermenting with friends

This post is a bit of a funny situation that I’ve had with the veggie garden recently! It involves my beloved veggie garden, some disappearing vegetables and some rouge neighbours.

I thought I’d do a little garden update as well – The garden is more like a flower garden at the moment, but I don’t mind. It’s peaceful with all the flowers. Today, I caught up with a couple of my friends to some vegetable fermentation – I’m pretty excited to try them out! Continue reading “Neighbours in the garden & fermenting with friends”