Gardening Experiment #2 Raising Seedlings in NQ Summer (+ Garlic update!)

I’ve sort of entered into this hobby at the wrong time of the year – according to the locals (my partner and another bloke I work with), no one plants veggies as we head into summer and the wet season (35-40 degrees C and a good chance of very high rainfall). Buuttt, I’ve got to find this out for myself. I’ve also never raised seedlings from seeds before – I usually buy seedlings and plant them out.  I’ve also got a garlic update!

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Gardening Experiment #1 (Garlic and Ginger)

Growing my own herbs is something I’ve always done. At home, we always had a supply of chives, parsley and mint. At uni, I always had basil, chives, parsley and mint (and they traveled to and from uni with me in the front seat of my car!). Mum actually mailed me some mint down to me when I was at uni – I still have that same mint plant going wild in my front garden! Growing my own spices is something I haven’t tried though.  Continue reading “Gardening Experiment #1 (Garlic and Ginger)”

So much garlic.

I bought about 8 bulbsof garlic the other day (on special) and have been using it in most of my cooking; however, after coming home from a long day in the paddock, the thought of peeling and finely chopping garlic cloves is not a particularly welcome one. Plus, I was pretty sure some of the garlic cloves were starting to sprout! I normally have a jar of minced garlic in the fridge so I decided to put all the cloves to use!  Continue reading “So much garlic.”

Harvesting an Out of Control Herb Garden

A couple of weeks ago, I had a look at my herb garden and it was legit, pretty out of control. It was thyme to do something about it! (See what I did there? I’m ore-gano show myself out…). I guess one of the beginner steps to being self sufficient is drying your own herbs – I’ve had another win!  Continue reading “Harvesting an Out of Control Herb Garden”

Blueberry Muffins (minus the carbs)

First recipe post! Exciting!


One of my biggest pet peeves is when a low carb recipes say that the low carb alternative  is basically the same as the original, delicious high carb meal/treat. Stop saying zucchini noodles are as good as pasta, all it does is disappoint me and I end up wanting my beloved pasta again!


So I’m here so say, these blueberry muffins do not taste/feel like normal muffins made from wheat flour. This isn’t a bad thing (they’re still good!), they’re just different!  Continue reading “Blueberry Muffins (minus the carbs)”